Weed Control

Weed Control Services

What Is Weed?

‘Weed’ is a plant in the wrong place. A plant which is considered inadmissible in a particular situation. Sometimes, a weed plant grow vigorously and choke out more preferable plants. Even a single weed can rattle the appearance of a well-maintained lawn/ garden/ meadow. As new weeds are usually quick to observe. It’s important to search for weed control near me to find professionals who can assist and provide not only the better but the best solution for your lawn.

As weeds lay out across your lawn, they start competing for the sunlight and nutrients that your grass needs to bloom. Unfortunately, watering and chopping only speeds up their growth not your desired plants. But you don’t have to let weeds destroy your alluring and appreciable lawn. With weed control and pre-appearing weed control programs from Eco-fumigation, you’ll be able to dispose of the most common and most stubborn weeds surrounding your yard and making it look like a jungle. Our lawn care specialists are experts in the weeds native to your region and the weed removal therapy that work best to keep them away and not to grow again. Read on to learn more about our lawn weed control services and treatment plans, including pre-emergent weed control that can help stop weeds before they even start to grow.

Why Us?

We have 50 years of experience in dealing with weeds and plants, so we know all of the tips and tricks to deliver the best lawn weed treatment for your home or office. Our lawn weed control service starts with a complete analysis of the weed issues threatening your lawn. Our experts deal with hundreds of different species of weeds and plants, and they understand the factors that go into weed decay, including your lawn’s health, the soil, local growing conditions and give you the desired flora and fauna. We use this expertise and experience to create a custom treatment plan for your lawn, making sure your lawn gets the weed control it needs. Guaranteed!

Identifying Lawn Weeds

One of the most important steps of controlling lawn weeds is to identify exactly what types of weeds are invading your lawn in the first place. Once this is known, a lawn care plan of action can be put into place for your home. Our weed control treatments are designed to tackle the full range of weed species and weed types that may be growing in your turf grass. The more we control the weeds, the better your lawn will look and feel. With our weed treatment for lawn, your local Lawn Doctor can help you treat many kinds of unwanted weeds and plants commonly found in the grass.

In almost all cases, it’s not enough to simply pull weeds out of your grass or garden. While it may appear that the entire weed has been removed, if even a tiny part of the weed root is still in the ground, then it will still have the chance to grow in the soil and sprout a new weed in the future. It’s important for you to have a weed control program to greatly reduce the amount of the weeds in your landscape. When you search for weed control near me and enlist Lawn Doctor, you’ll find that our lawn care professionals will be on hand to make sure that all your lawn weeds are fully eliminated, leaving behind a pristine yard with beautiful grass.

  • Grassy Weeds: These weeds thrive under the same conditions as your lawn’s grass, so they are a fairly common sight in most yards.
  • Broad leaf Weeds: These weeds are easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower.
  • Warm-Season Weeds: These weeds thrive during warm summer months.
  • Cool-Season Weeds: These weeds are most widespread in the cooler months during the spring and fall.
  • Annual Weeds: These weeds die off naturally at the end of their yearly growing cycle, but they can sprout 4-5 times before that happens.
  • Perennial Weeds: Unlike annual weeds, these pesky weeds come back year after year until treated or removed.

3 methods of Weed Control which are listed below :-

1.Mechanical Weed Control :

This method is used to remove, kill, separate, pull out, eliminate, stop unwanted plants to grow by doing physical activities like tillage, sickling, hoeing, hand weeding, digging, mowing, burning, etc.

2. Cultural Weed Control :

This method includes planting, fertilizer, application and irrigation. These methods are done for creating pleasing conditions for the crop. This method is the pre- method which can control  unwanted and invasive plants to grow.

3. Chemical Weed Control :

This method is used to kill plants that are growing where they are not wanted. In this method various chemicals are used which are known as ‘HERBICIDES’.

Weed Control Chemicals List
  1.  2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid )
  2.  2,4,5-T (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid)
  3.  IPC (isopropyl-N-phenylcarbamate)